Ted Chadwick – Research has Started

I was sent a private message on facebook of a link to someone’s plea into re-opening the case of her boyfriend who was killed in 1975 in Brantford Ontario, suggesting that I look into this further and tell his story in an upcoming episode.

So, the very first thing I did was visit the local library on in the city and try to look for some local news articles in 1975 and again in 2005 (according to their birth, marriage, death search index). I found only 3 news articles, two of which were very small articles. The two small articles were from 1975 and the other one was published in 2005, marking the 30 year anniversary of his death.

Even though the 1975 articles were small, it did give some clues and some directions on where to go next and who I should be speaking with. I was able to get the names of the two boys (at the time) who discovered Ted’s body in the Grand River and called the police. I’ve been able to locate one of them and reached out via messenger. Unfortunately I haven’t received a response back. I’ll be trying again. I think he’ll be able to provide essential information. I’ve also reached out to Ted’s girlfriend at the time and am scheduling some time to speak with her next weekend. She chatted back & forth a bit today by messenger and she gave me some other names of people I can reach out to.

I also reached out to my contact at the Brantford police. He responded very quickly to tell me he didn’t know anything about this particular case and that he has since switched roles but would look into who would be a contact for me that can speak about the case.

I have been told that Ted’s case was re-opened in 2005 and then subsequently closed as “Unsolved Cold Murder Case”. Ted’s GF didn’t have the case number but suggested I reach out to Ted’s brother, as he would have it.

The next steps are to speak with Ted’s brother and get the case #, then I can send a freedom of information request for it. I also need to try and get a hold of these other people for the names I was given and try to set up interviews. And, of course, reach back out to the Brantford police.

I visited the location where Ted’s body was found in the Grand River:

Until next time….

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