#9 Life, Mystery, and the Found

In the last episode we show cased a light hearted story about how DNA helped solve, at least partially, a family mystery. I interviewed 2 siblings between the ages of 64 & 71 who were told several times by their father that they had siblings, a brother and a sister, but they never knew much else. Once Ancestry DNA and other DNA match companies became affordable, they submitted their DNA to several different companies. Through this process they discovered they had a half-sister living only a couple of hours away. They met and instantly felt a connection, finding similarities in her humour and looks. Tune in to Episode 9 of True Crime Real Time to listen to the full interview and story. (Castbox link within this website)

Is this your Dad? Family currently looking for a brother. Possibly between the ages of 74-76. Possibly named David.

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