Edward (Teddy) Chadwick – Episode Series

I went into this heard first with very little information, actually none whatsoever. I started the research and located some key people. However, I have only been able to communicate with one so far.

I am hoping to meet with the police next week, with the new case manager, to go over some initial details.

Today I stopped in at the Brantford Police station to personally submit the request for Freedom of Information for Ted’s casefile. We will see what gets sent. It should take a month before getting the information.

Brantford Police Services

This research on this case will be a little more extensive than any of the ones I have done so, after careful thought, I decided that the format of the podcast episodes will change slightly and specifically for Ted Chadwick. This will be a 2-5 piece series covering my review and research for all the facts. I will be trying to get multiple interviews lined up of some key people.

Hopefully my listeners will enjoy escorting me along the way and I report on this research and investigation.

Yours Truly,

Genevieve Germaine

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