January 5, 1936 – Extorsion & Triple Homicide in a Small Town

What would motivate the murder of 3 innocent lives living in the backwoods just a little ways outside of Pacific Junction in eastern New Brunswick, Canada?

New Years came and went and the Lake family celebrated with friend and neighbour, Otto Blakeney, in their 2 room cabin. It was winter, and a blanket of snow covered the ground. Nothing that outdoorsman and woodcutter Otto couldn’t handle. Besides, Philip and Bertha Lake had two small children at home, 21 month old Jack and 6 month old Betty, so it was easier for Otto to come to them.

The day together ended and Otto went home and the Lake family continued on with their daily grind.

The sun rose on Monday, January 6 1936, Otto peered the bellowing smoke beyond the horizon, coming from the general direction of his friend and neighbour.

Otto made his way through the deep snow towards the charred remains of the Lake family 2 room cabin. There he discovered Philip’s body laying in what remained of the kitchen, amongst the cabin debris. His clothes burned off his body, except for a few buttons that melted in to him. Bertha, Philip’s common law wife, frozen in the snow, barefoot and barely clad, with a deep slash in her forehead, arms reaching out to the body of 21 month old Jackie, who was laying face down in the snow, frozen.

He searched the area and could not find 6 month old Betty. Where was she? Who killed Philip, Bertha, and little Jackie?

Stay Tuned … Research on my new project is underway. Let me know your thoughts? What do you think happened?

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