#24 – Death in Paradise – Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy and Caleb Guillory

Sunday was a day spent amongst friends and family on the beautiful island of Anguilla for 37-year-olds Casey Macpherson-Pomeroy and Caleb Guillory. But, by 10 PM, Caleb would be dead, and Casey would be rushed to the hospital, dying shortly after arrival. The events that took place following the deaths of both men led to many unanswered questions, suspicion, allegations of corruption and deceit, a requested Coronial Inquest, and the hiring of a private investigator.

37-year old Casey MacPherson Pomeroy and his wife, 62-year-old Barbara Phenson Pomeroy, lived in the small beach village of Island Harbour in the beautiful tropical island of Anguilla. A location renowned for its fishing and the town of the founding father of the island nation. They had moved from the united stated to Anguilla in July 2018 after Casey was accepted into the school in the area to pursue a degree in the medical field.

We spoke to Casey’s sister Debanee. Who has been rallying to answers into the death of her brother Casey and his long-time friend Caleb. When we talked to Debanee, we asked her to describe Casey to us.

“Casey was a happy-go-lucky person. He lit up the room when he walked in. He was always in a good mood and looking for a fun time. He always made whatever situation fun, even if the situation wasn’t that great. He was always a positive person, and everyone that came in contact with him would say the same thing. People just loved him, like their brother. A lot of people have said that they viewed him as a brother. My brother was a shining light to everyone; he was the life of the party and was loved by everyone. One of his things was that he made sure that he knew everyone’s birthday that he would come in contact with, and then he would personally call each and every one of them on their birthday every year. That was something special about him that he never missed a birthday.” ~ Debanee, Casey’s sister.

Casey and Barbara were in the custom of spending time with Casey’s long-time boyhood friends and their respective wives. Four months after moving to Anguilla, Casey and Barbara had invited Casey’s Friend Caleb Guillory and his wife Carly, as well as Chuck Gros and his wife Alicia, to spend the week between Christmas and New Years with them. Debanee explains to us the long-time friendships between her brother and these individuals.

“Casey, Caleb, and Chuck had been friends since they were nine years old. Both of my parents either had them or one of their siblings in their classrooms. My parents are both school teachers. It’s a small community; everyone knows everybody. Caleb’s family lives about ¼ mile down the street from us. Growing up, Caleb was always over at our house and the same with Chuck. I remember growing up and these three big boys going everywhere with us. Chuck’s family lived 2 miles from us. It’s a small town. Chuck and his wife still live in town because they are engaged in Chuck’s father’s family business. So, whenever Casey and his wife and Caleb and his wife would come into town, they would all get together. Or, if they went on a trip, they would all go together. They were just really good friends.
With Barbara and Casey going down to the Caribbean, they invited people to come and stay with them. So that’s what these other two couples were doing. They went down to visit Barbara and Casey for the week between Christmas and New Year.” ~ Debanee, Casey’s sister

Before the day ended on December 30th, 2018, after a day with close friends at the home of Casey and Barbara Pomeroy, 37-year-olds Casey MacPherson Pomeroy and long-time friend Caleb Guillory lost their lives. Initial statements indicated that the party of 6 (3 couples) returned from a local beach bar, just 2-3 minutes walk from Casey and Barbara’s apartment shortly after 9 PM only to realize that Casey had forgotten his shoes. Casey and Caleb, then left the apartment to retrieve Casey’s shoes. But, shortly after returning to the apartment, Caleb collapsed onto the living room floor, hitting his head, and had then stopped breathing. At 9:49 PM, Alicia Gros, one of the six people present, rushed to a neighbour’s residence to make the emergency call to the police. She had stated to the Royal Anguillan Police that her friend was not breathing and that they needed an ambulance. The EMS and members of the Anguillan police force would arrive approximately 15 minutes later, at around 10:05 PM.

Upon arrival, Caleb Guillory was found motionless, laying on his back on the living room floor of the spacious 2-bed, 2-bath, apartment. His right eye was swollen, and he was blue/black in colour. He was pronounced dead on the scene by a Medical practitioner.
Shortly after EMS and law enforcement arrived at the apartment, Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy suffered a seizure in the bedroom and was subsequently rushed to the Princess Alexandria Hospital. Casey would pass away shortly after arriving at the hospital, roughly 15 minutes after having the initial seizure.
Debanee has explained to us the initial details of the events of that night.

“The story that we were initially given was that they were at a beach bar and that while walking home, Casey and Caleb were sharing one red cup of rum and coke, then Casey relegalized that he forgot his shows, so Casey and Caleb put the drink on the ground and went to get Casey’s flipflops and when they got back to the house, that’s when Caleb passed out, fell on the floor, and became unconscious and they called emergency services. By the time emergency services got there, Caleb had died and Casey was starting to have seizures. They took him to the hospital where he died. This was the story given by the 4 witnesses when they returned from the island. The story has now changed to Barbara supposedly also drinking from the one shared drink and also went back with them to the beach bar and that she was poisoned as well because she got sick when they got home and was in the bathroom throwing up. And, if she wouldn’t have thrown up, she would have died too. It doesn’t make sense at all! And, the story has changed, even more, it keeps changing.” ~ Debanee, Casey’s sister.

All those present in the apartment the evening were Casey, his wife Barbara, Caleb, and his wife Carly, and Chuck and his wife, Alicia. Caleb was pronounced dead on the scene, and Casey immediately transported via ambulance to the hospital. Law enforcement indicates that the other four individuals (Barbara, Carly, Chuck, and Alicia) appeared absent-minded and therefore taken to the Princess Alexandria Hospital for a wellness check. The report from Law enforcement does not indicate any illness or symptoms of any other individual present that evening.
Casey would die shortly after arriving at the hospital, despite the medical staff’s best efforts.

All four survivors were released back into police custody after initial medical tests and wellness checks were completed. They were brought back to the police station and held in custody.
Meanwhile, while on scene at Casey and Barbara’s apartment, the police observed what appeared to be illegal substances inside the living room of the apartment. A preliminary search was completed, and items collected as exhibits. Based on what was recovered, a search warrant was issued, and additional items were collected and handed over. According to a source on the island, cocaine was located in Alicia’s makeup bag, and pills containing either MDMA or MDA were found in her handbag. No charges were laid against any of the individuals even though at least one individual in the group was in possession of illegal substances.
In order to secure release from police custody, law enforcement had requested a fee totaling $40000 to be paid, presumably $10,000 per individual being held. What this fee represented and to whom it must be paid, has not been confirmed, despite requests by the victims’ family and their private investigator. Remember, no charges were laid against any one of these individuals. The four survivors paid this fee on January 3rd, 2019, and were subsequently released from custody. The autopsies of Caleb Guillory and Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy were started on January 4th, 2019. Several tissue samples were taken to complete toxicology reports. The pathologist also requested the toxicology reports on the four other surviving individuals at the residence.

On this same day, Barbara, Casey’s widow, filed a claim against Casey’s 1.5 M life insurance. Almost immediately after being released from Anguillan custody while still on the island and before the autopsy was completed.

There have been allegations of an incomplete or improper police investigation on this case. Both the Police Commissioner Paul Morrison and the Governor were off the island at this time, and as such shoddy police work occurred. This podcast has reached out to Police Commissioner Paul Morrison to provide a statement against these allegations, and despite getting confirmation that he has read our message, he has not responded.

The autopsies were completed on January 7th. Caleb’s cause of death listed on his certificate of death was asphyxia due to strangulation, ligature, and manual. Ligature would indicate that something was used to strangle Caleb, such as a belt or rope, and manual strangulation would note strangulation done with someone’s hands. The report also indicates multiple blunt force traumas and seizures. A copy of the toxicology report was not provided.

Casey’s listed cause of death is acute pulmonary oedema, which is heart failure, hemorrhage, as well as acute cardiac toxicity, seizures, and hypothermia. All consistent with severe overdoes or poisoning.

Casey’s toxicology reports the presence of cocaine and MDA. MDA and MDMA (often known as Molly or ecstasy) share a comparable chemical structure. Therefore, MDA pharmacologically works almost the same as MDMA. Both substances release extra serotonin and dopamine into the brain—the release of serotonin results in an ecstatic feeling and an increase in empathetic abilities. 

An MDA pill takes effect after 20 to 30 minutes. Possibly faster if in powdered form. MDA lasts about an hour longer than MDMA.

The usual “recreational” dose of MDA or MDMA produces blood levels in the range of 100–250 ng/ml. The level of MDA found in Casey’s toxicology test, completed several days after death, was 6100 ng/ml. This level is more than 24 times higher than the usual recreational range.
Pathologist, Dr. Stephen King completed both autopsies. Debanee has provided a little more information about this pathologist.

“I think he is from Trinidad; he’s not from Anguilla. He from the Caribbean, and he studied and did all his schooling in the United States. He’s the Caribbean pathologist. They hire him to come in when there is a suspicious case that they need help with. And that’s why they brought him in.” ~Debanee, Casey’s sister.

Between January 7th and January 11th, a close friend of Barbara’s had offered to fly his private airplane to Anguilla to bring Barbara and the other three living individuals, along with Casey and Caleb’s body back to the US. However, both Casey and Caleb’s widows authorized to have their bodies promptly cremated shortly after the autopsies were completed on the neighbouring island of St. Martins, avoiding the transport back to the united states and preventing any chances for further examinations of the bodies.

A source close to the case has stated he’s been given narratives explaining this odd behaviour, allegedly the survivors were indicating that there were two files; one said Casey overdosed, and Caleb strangled to death. If they accepted that, the case would be closed, and everyone could leave the island. The other file would be an investigation and that they would be suspects; therefore, they wouldn’t be able to leave the island.

They said they chose the file with actual false deaths so they could leave. They also stated they were forced to cremate the remains. Making it seem that they were the victims in this situation, indicating that that did what was told to be able to get off the island, being forced to pay people off, as they felt unsafe. They described the police force as being so incredibly corrupt. However, the FBI has only painted the Anguillan police as less efficient but not to a level of corruption described.
This podcast has reached out to Anguillan Police Commissioner Paul Morrison and asked why the four individuals in question or at least the one, in particular, were not charged with the possession of cocaine? This question was also read and again went unanswered.

We asked Debanee if there were any known marital issues Casey and Barbara. She indicated the following:

“Most couples do have some marital issues. And there were some issues that they had. Barbara was wanting Casey to get a job because she felt like he was taking advantage of her because she was the sole provider for them.so she wanting him to get a permanent job and I think that was a strain on their relationship. There was no domestic abuse of any kind in the relationship and no talk of divorce, as far as I know.
Their marriage is confidential; you can’t actually see that they are married; it takes a court order to view their marriage license. Casey was an Actor in LA for ten years and a good friend to his agent and his agent didn’t even know about Barbara, didn’t even know Casey was married. Which I find very peculiar. Why wouldn’t he know about her? You could call it his double life because essentially, he was leading a double life. His life with Barbara and then his life in Los Angeles with the other friends and people and other relationships. He had other relationships with people. Was she upset about that? Did she find out about that?” ~ Debanee, Casey’s sister.

There were many particular events, such as changing stories, changes to the life insurance beneficiaries four months before death, quick cremation despite the ability to bring the bodies back to the united states, missing documentation from the autopsy report.

A coronial inquest was scheduled in early 2019 after the four witnesses had left the island. A coronial inquest is a court hearing that is held where the coroner considers evidence to determine the medical cause of death and the circumstances surrounding the death. The coroner will typically call witnesses to give evidence. This has been re-scheduled a few times as the four witnesses failed to show to provide or five evidence.

I then asked the Private Investigator, TJ Ward, his thoughts in that latest narrative provided by Barbara in the life insurance lawsuit whereby she states that after recovering in the hospital from being be poisoned herself, she learned days later that Casey and Caleb had died. Which we know to be untrue as Caleb had died on scene and Casey shortly after arriving at the hospital. In fact, a member of the family had spoken to her on January 1st, while in police custody with regards to Casey’s death.

To be continued… (audio to be transcribed and some documents to be attached)


  • Interview with Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy’s sister – Original to this podcast
  • Interview with PI TJ Ward – Original to this podcast
  • Confidential source on Anguilla – Original to this podcast
  • Info on MDA:

4 thoughts on “#24 – Death in Paradise – Casey MacPherson-Pomeroy and Caleb Guillory

  1. Melody M McKee says:

    I was just wondering if the 2 wives knew eachother before they married their husbands?? That would b a good question to ask them, it could b a case of the wives took out policies on the husbands, and trying to collect!!, dont make sence at all, should let me investigate I’d solve it!!,


  2. Mina says:

    Im sorry about what your family is going through. At first watching the episode on Still a Mystery, I know for a fact that MDMA is very dangerous. In the US that drug is common at EDM festivals and there almost always is a death. The problem is because when this drug is made, it is mixed with other things and it is never know how much of the drug is actually being taken. Which explains why barbara may have experienced being sick also if she only drank a little. They probably all decided to take the drug and usually it is mixed in liquid so that can explain why they shared. As I heard more of the story and also that the coroners report stated strangulation, that is when it starts to sound fishy. As far as Barbara and the other 3 not wanting to go back, I can kind of understand because they were all doing drugs and had possession of drugs in another country, and other countries are harsh to americans when it comes to that. Also Barbara is a physician assistant and im sure she does not want the medical board knowing what she was doing. On the other hand one of them knows the truth, weather it was an argument gone wrong, or a pure accident, or by someone on the Island that may have threatened them. I sure hope that one of them speaks up. So sorry for what your family is going through.


  3. Katie Keathley says:

    I think it’s odd that three grown adults “shared” a single red solo cup of rum and coke. I think it makes more sense to say they EACH had one rum and coke. And why was the drink left sitting there while only two of the three went to go look for a flip flop? Doesn’t that mean the drink was NOT left unattended…if one of the three didn’t run back to find the flip flop. And why set the drink down regardless? Just carry it with you to go find your shoes.

    In my opinion, none of that described scene took place except maybe that they all had been at that bar that night. I’m not buying the lost flip flop(s) or the one shared drink that was left unattended so that more than one of them could go look for a flip flop. And do bars sell drinks in red solo cups anyways?? To me, the majority of this story took place in the apartment.

    Barbara (Casey’s MacPherson’s wife): Nurse Practitioner (deals with prescribed drugs)
    Alicia (Chuck Gros’ wife): the one found in possession of cocaine, MDA, MDMA
    Carley (Caleb Guillory’s wife):_______???______

    Poisoned to death (amongst strangulation, bruised face, cardiac arrest and other things):
    Caleb Guillory-dead on scene
    Casey McPhearson- dies while paramedics arrive
    Barbara: “poisoned” but survived


    Both the Police Commissioner Paul Morrison and the Governor were off the island at this time. While this could be a coincidence (as it was around a holiday), it’s still red flags because they didn’t pursue this crime when returning from their time off for the holiday.

    I could pick this case APART very quickly. I hate that the family is going through and can’t seem to get any corporation out fo the his without the corporation of the Anguillan Police Department. Have there been ANY updates since this took place??


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